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After a session with Susan, I always feel better. Her warm and relaxed style creates a comfortable atmosphere for sharing one’s thoughts and problems. Susan doesn't give me answers to my problems. What she does is so much better. She guides me to where the answers have always been, within myself, and that is so empowering! - J.C.

Before finding Susan I had seen two other therapists. Both were a DISASTER!! I guess the saying "three's a charm" is true! - M. L.

Susan helped me to embrace the situation I was in; the confidence to address it; and the awareness of different ways to manage it.  - J.H.

Susan listens and listens. Then she will offer an insightful comment, something that makes me think, understand or empower me to change my life. - T. L.

I was stuck in a bad relationship. I had no money. Susan asked me about how I envisioned my life in the best of ways. I now own a business and I am happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. Because of Susan’s belief in my strengths rather than my weaknesses I am successful and strong. - R. W.

From the day I met Susan, I knew she was a woman who empowered other women. She invited me to join a women's' group she was starting and it was the first of many I did with her.

I also used Susan for personal counseling, when I was at a crossroads in my career, and she helped me navigate this territory with great success.

Susan came into my life at a perfect moment and I am glad to still have her as a mentor and friend. – L.F.

Sitting in Susan's office is like arriving in Mecca. Susan conveys warmth and relaxation as well as helping relieve the stress and anxiety of my problems. - K. B.

Although I have never been your client, I can vouch for your kindness, compassion, and your ability to love and be loved. Friendship gives me a clear perspective of who you are as a person. I love you, Susan. You can be counted on to come through always. – Sue, friend for 40 years