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Pre-Marital Counseling

Getting married without premarital counseling is like starting a business without a business plan

The benefits of premarital counseling far exceed the cost as it provides a window of opportunity to explore, discuss and uncover potential difficulties that most marriages experience.

Research indicates that those couples who have invested time and money in premarital counseling have less chance of divorce and greater chance of happiness and success in their marriage.

Life is not always predictable. Stressors, negative habits, unexpected challenges and unknown patterns of behavior can surface creating unforeseen challenges and possible obstacles for couples.
Today’s couples face greater and a wider array of challenges in growing a happy, healthy marriage.

There are fewer support systems as individuals settle far from loved ones. There are greater demands that can eventually take a toll and erode an otherwise stable relationship.

Each individual comes with a personal history and experience that plays a role in the development of either a successful or unsuccessful marriage.

Premarital Counseling offers a venue to explore:
  • The relationship as it is presently – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Present problems and challenges
  • Strengths and weaknesses as individuals and how this impacts the relationship
  • Expectations of the marriage
  • Issues of Intimacy and sexuality
  • Communication patterns
  • Support Systems
  • Career and job situations
  • Finances and what was learned by each person about bill paying, saving, borrowing, spending
  • Conflicts and best ways to resolution
  • Emotional triggers/what makes us tick
  • Values and Beliefs of family of origin
  • Issues involving blended families

Premarital Counseling will help each person discover who they are, what s/he wants and what s/he needs to envision a most successful, happy and healthy future.